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Movin2gether helps create harmony – in music, dance, business, life, and relationships. Harmony contributes to creating synergy – with results exceeding what is possible alone.

A key characteristic of life is movement. Nothing living is ever static; it is always in motion – both internally and externally – even when all may appear to be quiet and still. We categorize life forms by how they move – through physical space and in and out of (our) life. We call life that moves upward and outward but not across the ground “trees” and “plants”. We call life forms that slide or slither without legs “snails”, “slugs” and “snakes”, those that fly through the air “birds”, and many swim in the water “fish”. We name land animals by how many feet they have and how they are used to crawl, walk, run, trot, gallop, leap, bound, hop, skip, or jump.

It’s impossible to move alone. Movement involves coordination, cooperation, and collaboration of every part of each individual entity and constant communication with any other(s) involved and their shared environment. Much of life is based upon and revolves around moving together.

Life is often described as a dance – for good reason. Nobody really ever dances alone, nor in a vacuum. Even without a partner or audience, we dance to both unique and universal rhythms, for reasons often not our own, and within environments including far more than just ourselves.

Dance is movement to music. Music moves us physically and emotionally – within ourselves, with others, and with(in) whatever may be around us. Music has structure; so does dancing (to it). Like music and dance, life is essentially moving together through time and in relationships.

The Relation-ships of Dating, Mating, and Marriage, Dancing, Loving, and Living (together) – especially as Friends, Lovers, or Partners – are often among the most important in our lives.

The name Movin2gether was chosen for this site with the following four ambiguities in mind:

    •movin’ together
    •movin’ to get her
    •move in to get her
    •move in together

Movin2gether also includes, examines, and explores many other kinds of Relation-ships and interactions – with(in) ourselves, others, and our environment. Our planet has only one ocean, but many seas. Relation-ships also have many “Cs” – that are essential for Movin2gether.

Content requires context. Life is about our time in Relation-ships and experience of the “Cs”.

Seven Key Relation-ships for Dancing, Loving, Living and Working Better Together:


Other common Movin2gether Relation-ships include:

    •Court-ship (Dating, Mating, Marriage, and Parenting)
    •Steward-ship, Guardian-ship, and Champion-ship
    •Disciple-ship, Intern-ship, Apprentice-ship, and Wor-ship
    •Owner-ship, Citizen-ship, and Sportsman-ship
    •Censor-ship, Dictator-ship, and Hard-ship

Seven “C”s and Key Components Supporting Movin2gether Life Relation-Ships:

    •Chemistry – Contact, Connection, and Compatibility
    •Communication – Conversation, Clarification, and Consent
    •Cooperation – Coordination, Collaboration, and Consolidation
    •Consciousness – Comfort, Challenge, and Choice
    •Caring – Consideration, Courtesy, and Compassion
    •Courage – Conviction, Congruence, and Consistency
    •Commitment – Character, Conduct, and Contribution

Some other “C”s Considered in Creating Integration, Assimilation, and Synergy:

    • Control, Competence, Creativity
    • Companionship, Camaraderie, Cohesion
    • Commonality, Concordance, Communion
    • Congregating, Consorting, Conspiring
    • Charming, Courting, Convincing
    • Conveying, Changing, Cherishing
    • Consummation, Completion, Conclusion
    • Climax, Celebration, Congratulation

In addition to blog posts, tabs at the top of each page have drop down menus for other pages.

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