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What Might Dancing Reveal About YOUR Life?

January 26, 2014 by Oren Pardes

Is Life (like) a Dance? If so, do people live the “rest” of their lives the way they dance? Do YOU?

It’s been said that most people live their lives the way that they play. Some desire to continually learn, practice, experiment, and improve; others just want to have fun – or to do something with others. Some want to “win” (or to “beat” others) – or at least not “lose”. Some follow the “rules”; others “cheat”. You can learn a lot about someone by how they play. What might dancing tell us about people who do not really “listen” to nor move in sync or harmony with the music playing, nor pay attention to partners or others – and the space around them? Where else in their lives might something similar to not keeping a frame or balance or making hands available or a habit of pushing or pulling on a partner or watching a partner’s feet show up? What about the ability or preference to dance particular “styles” – alone, with a partner, or in a group? Is how people interact with those they dance with before, during, or after each song indicative of the way they think, relate, or communicate in other areas of life? What does YOUR dancing say about YOU – and how YOU live (other areas of) YOUR life? Is how you do anything, how you do everything?

If/when you dance with a partner, do you try to help them look and feel good? What about when you do “business” with others? Do you focus more on your needs and desires, on others’ – or on both? Do you regularly and actively strive for ways for all to “win”, “profit”, or “benefit”? Is your focus usually more short- or long-term? Is it mainly on the sale, deal, purchase, process, (return on) investment, potential/opportunity for “saving” or “making” money, creating, increasing, or appreciating value, contributing, making a “difference” – or (stronger/better) “relation-ships”?

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