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Dance Partners

Good partnership dancing is all about leading and following. Being good dance partners is more than just knowing the patterns and steps. Beautiful dancing is not about the two of them (the partnership), but rather about her (the follower). A good follower seems to read the leader’s mind; she feels what the leader has led and executes on cue, and not because she knows what is coming – but because she WAITS and responds to what is led.

There are three main principles that make a follower very desirable:

(1) Don’t HOLD ON

(2) Don’t LET GO

(3) Don’t GUESS.

Implementing these will allow for a continuous connection, and the lady will end up precisely where the man intends for her to be. With a strong lead, and a good follow, correct footwork will occur. It’s a natural result of good dancing. Of course, dancing with an experienced lead helps to develop the best followers, as opposed to learning in a group class with other beginners who have to learn and master the style over time.

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