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July 2, 2012 by Oren Pardes

Sole ownership of everything isn’t really possible nor really necessary. Joint ownership is possible on a great many levels.

If we share the purchase of something, the initial cost per person is immediately reduced by the number of partners sharing expenses. Buying together, we can own what we otherwise cannot afford and can buy better quality – an unbeatable combination.

Maintenance time shrinks as more people share it. Partners who do jobs together share each other’s company as well. There is a group pride in making whatever is shared something really special.

Anything jointly held for recreation, from vehicles to homes, can be enjoyed separately as well as together by partners who work on it, plan for it, grow close while doing so, and come out ahead financially. Individuals who share ownership of anything also often learn skills from each other.

Neighbors who share home-related appliances, from electric sanders to snow plow, free their individual incomes as they bond as friends. The sharp edges of side-by-side but still isolated living soften as people share the burdens of home ownership creatively. Just sitting down and deciding what items are needed and then which can be bought together is often the first step in drawing closer as neighbors.

Home sharing offers as many pluses as the reasons people choose to live together.

Co-owning gives us the chance to take chances. If we discover that we didn’t really want to own, our partners can buy out our share – and spare us the fear and remorse of spending too much money on something we wind up not using yet allow us to experiment without feeling guilty about what we spend.

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