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Divorce and Prenuptial Agreements

Courts most commonly deal with 8 issues in divorce and prenuptial agreements typically address these points. More important than simply protecting both spouses, prenups force fiancés to think and talk about areas of potential conflict (in advance).

The 8 areas of divorce court (Prenups):
1. Assets
2. Debts
3. Real Estate
4. Business (for self-employed individuals or couples)
5. Child Custody
6. Personal Property
7. Pets, Grandparent’s rights
8. Insurance and Taxes

Another popular clause in prenuptial agreements is an expiration clause – stating that after 5 or 10 years, some or all other prenup clauses are retired and revert to the usual laws of that State. But it is important to remember that divorce is not the only reason for prenuptial agreements. What death (of one or both) might affect should also be considered, discussed, and agreed upon – especially in “blended” families.

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