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Welcome to Movin2gether!

September 12, 2011 by Oren Pardes

The name Movin2gether was chosen with the following (four) ambiguities in mind:

    •movin’ together
    •movin’ to get her
    •move in to get her
    •move in together

The site focuses on the 7 “C”s and Relation-Ships of Dancing, Loving, and Living (together):

The Seven “C”s of Dancing, Loving, and Living (together):


Some other “C”s Considered are:

    • Contact, Challenge, Congregate, Consorting, Conspiring
    • Communication, Conversation, Conveyance
    • Congruence, Concordance, Communion, Commonality
    • Chemistry, Connection, Companionship, Camaraderie
    • Caring, Compassion, Comfort
    • Consideration, Courtesy, Conduct
    • Consent, Cahoots, Character
    • Consistency, Constancy
    • Courting, Charming, Convincing,
    • Conviction, Commitment, Cherishing
    • Creating, Choosing, Changing
    • Consummation, Completion, Conclusion
    • Climax, Celebration, Congratulation
    • Contribution, Collaboration, Cooperation
    • Control, Competence, Challenge, Creativity, Consciousness

Relation-Ships of Dancing, Loving, and Living (Better Together):


Some other Ships included are:

    •Court-ship (Dating, Mating, and Marriage/Union)
    •Steward-ship, Guardian-ship, and Champion-ship
    •Disciple-ship, Intern-ship, Apprentice-ship, and Wor-ship
    •Owner-ship, Citizen-ship, and Sportsman-ship
    •Censor-ship, Dictator-ship, and Hard-ship

    •Integration, Assimilation, Synergy

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