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La Salsa

“Salsa” means “sauce” – that adds “sabor” (flavor). Musically, “salsa” is an “umbrella” term referring to a wide collection of (Afro-Caribbean) rhythms – played and danced to world-wide.

In addition to “la clave” [on beats 1,+,4,6,7 OR on 2,3,5,+,8] also frequently heard in “salsa” music are “el tumbao” (of the conga drum) [on beats 2,4+,6,8+], and a cowbell [either on beats 1,2,3,4+5,6+7,8+ OR in a “casca” 1,2,3+,+5,6+,+,+ pattern OR variation 1,2,3+4+,+6+7,8+].

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