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Year of the Dog – Language of Love

February 19, 2018 by Oren Pardes

On many Asian calendars, this year is the Year of the Dog. Humans are sometimes compared to or called dogs – either as a compliment or as an insult. Dogs are considered to be “man’s best friend” – yet are also often popular with women, too (sometimes more than men are).

Muslims don’t seem to like dogs very much – but most other people (who have never been bitten or taught to fear or eat them) associate dogs with unconditional love and often loyalty.

Each of us has a particular “love language” we respond to most. One of these languages is words of praise and affirmation – what most dogs also tend to crave and respond to most.

Perhaps this year would be a good one for us all to use this particular love language a little more with others, to sincerely compliment and complement those we meet and know, to help create more harmony and synergy in the world (we all share and will leave behind after we are gone).

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